International Conference Against Child Undernutrition

14-15 MAY 2013 | PARIS, FRANCE

Bridging the nutrition security gap in Sub-Saharan Africa: a pathway to strengthen resilience and development

Hosting organization: UNICEF

Acute and chronic undernutrition rates in sub-Saharan Africa consistently rank among the highest in the world, endangering the lives of millions of children and thwarting the developmental potential of entire countries. However, several key interventions and proactive public policies have demonstrated that it is possible to effectively and sustainably tackle the scourge of undernutrition and its dire consequences.

Taking place one month before the G8 Summit in the UK, this conference presents an opportunity to build on success stories to mobilize political leaders, stakeholders working at the programmatic level and donors, to advocate for a paradigm shift, and to promote political and financial commitment over the long term to meet the challenge of child undernutrition.