Global Adolescent Health Conference: unleashing the power of a generation


Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkit

Today, there are more young people in the world than ever before, including 1.2 billion adolescents. Young people can bring about unprecedented societal and economic progress and are uniquely positioned to be effective advocates to hold their governments accountable for the delivery of promises, policies and programs that affect their lives.

However, they can only transform the world if they survive and thrive.

While increased attention has been paid to the needs of adolescents, they are still being left behind. Adolescents have largely been excluded from decisions that affect their lives. National governments and partners must invest in developing young people’s leadership capacities, as well as providing support and space for their meaningful collaboration in the development of better policies and programmes.

The Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkit, developed by young people, for young people, is a practical guide for in-country youth networks to design, implement, and monitor an effective national advocacy action roadmap on adolescent health and wellbeing. The toolkit includes interactive and practical exercises, resources and reference documents “on the how to” of collecting existing data, gathering information on national policies, strategies and plans, using global commitments for advocating, for better results for adolescents and young people. The Toolkit aims to encourage meaningful engagement of youth and drive positive advocacy and accountability efforts to influence national health plans and policy processes for prioritization of adolescent health and well-being issues.

The adolescent advocacy toolkit was developed through a collaborative effort led by the Partnership, Women Delivers’ Young Leaders supported by consultations with members of the AY Constituency at country, regional and global levels, as well as technical partners and allies working on adolescent health and wellbeing.