Sarah Brown calls on midwives to play their part to end maternal deaths

3 June 2008 Glasgow, Scotland

Princess honours midwives

The Princess Royal concluded her speech at the ICM Congress by presenting Save the Children awards to midwives Histaphi Kenkeyani of Malawi and Phoebe Lolly Mashao of South Africa.

Mrs Hlalaph Kenkeyani, Malawi

Mrs Hlalaph Kenkeyani is from Malawi and works in one of the busiest maternity units in Malawi, in Bwaila Hospital. She has trained many midwives in Essential Newborn Care, Kangaroo Mother Care, and Prevention of HIV maternal to child transition, and the Baby Friendly hospital initiative. As a result of her contribution, preterm babies have better outcomes, and the neonatal unit at Bwaila Hospital can accommodate more babies.

Mrs Phoebe Lolly Mashao, South Africa

Mrs Phoebe Lolly Mashao works in Limpopo, one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. Her expertise in rural community health led to her appointment as coordinator of the Limpopo Initiative to improve newborn care in the province. Mrs. Mashao initiated a training programme of over 200 nurses,. The result is that nearly every hospital in the province provides some of the best Kangaroo Mother Care in South Africa. The National Department of Health is proposing to implement the progamme in other provinces following a 15% drop in neonatal mortality in the first three years of the initiative.