Family Planning Summit


Partner multimedia toolkit

Save the Children UK: Give Girls Power App/Game

Imagine what life would be like if you weren’t able to make your own decisions. Take a minute and step into the shoes of a young woman who doesn’t share the same power to make choices the way women do in the UK

White Ribbon Alliance: Action of the Month and Family Planning Resources

In preparation for World Population Day and the London Summit on Family Planning, the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is teaming up with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support and advocate for equal access to family planning around the world. Find out how to join in this effort by sharing your story, writing a letter, taking the pledge, or spreading the message to your friends

PLUS: Visit WRA's Family Planning resources page for informative multimedia content about this important issue, including the "Unequal World of Family Planning" map and collection of "Stories of Mothers Lost & Saved

White Ribbon Alliance: Infographics

Marie Stopes International: Impact of Family Planning

In this section of thirr website, MSI explores the impact that family planning can have on the lives of women and communities around the world with multimedia content including videos, infographics and case studies:

DFID Females First Postcard and Flickr Stream

Around the world, millions of women can’t get the contraception they want. UK aid is changing that - giving condoms, counselling and a chance for a million people to plan their families since 2010. Download the postcard and help share this message. PLUS visit DFID's Flickr stream to see photos telling stories about about the UK aid agency's family planning

Save the Children UK: Family Planning Saves Lives Video

When women and girls have access to contraception, fewer babies and mothers die. This film explains why. Save the Children UK iis working and campaigning to ensure all women everywhere have the power to choose when and how many children they have. Lives depend on it. Give girls power. Girl power saves lives

Pathfinder International