Family Planning Summit



Women and Girls Back at the Heart of the Global Health Agenda

18 JULY 2012 - Last week in London, I was humbled and thrilled by the world’s commitment to put women and girls back at the heart of the global health agenda. It was an honor to express my own commitment to empowering women to lift up their families and communities and to announce our foundation’s additional investment of $560 million for this effort over the next eight years.

Blogger trip to ‪Kenya‬ shines light on life of women without ‪family planning

18-26 JUNE 2012 | KENYA — During a week-long trip organized by the International Reporting Project (IRP), 12 bloggers from around the world trekked across Kenya looking at what access to birth control, and other sexual and reproductive health care services including HIV prevention and treatment, pregnancy and childbirth care, are like for the country's poorest women and girls.

From one of the largest slums in the world, Kibera, in the middle of Nairobi, to a maternity care hospital where every day 50-100 babies are born with not enough providers or tools to ensure a safe, healthy birth, they spoke with women, men, young people, healthcare workers, advocates and others about what it means to have access to these critical services.

Melinda to Colbert: Women Want Contraceptives

By Melinda Gates
June 28, 2012 | Impatient Optimists Blog: As a young woman, I felt confident in my future because I knew I had the power to plan my family. I knew I could make plans and follow my dreams. What if every girl and woman in the world, even the poorest, had the opportunity to determine her future? This is what I talked about with Stephen Colbert on his show last night.

Marie Stopes International: "Imagine a World..." series

In the lead up to the London Family Planning Summit, the Gates Foundation Impatient Optimists blog is featuring a special series from Marie Stopes International sharing stories that explore the impact that family planning has for girls, women, their families and communities around the world.

Blogger gallery

A number of prominent bloggers in the RMNCH community have been invited to attend the London Summit on Family Planning as part of a "blogger gallery", from which they will be live blogging throughout the high-level event and sharing exclusive Q&As with key summit participants. Download the list of blogger attendees to read their bios and follow their activities.

Golden moments

By Owen Barder, Centre for Global Development Blog
“Before he became Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell was scathing about the habit of having big international conferences to ‘put large sums of money on the table’. Yet on Wednesday, the British Government and Melinda Gates co-hosted the ‘London Summit on Family Planning’, a huge international conference at which rich countries and foundations were persuaded and cajoled into putting $2.6 billion on the table for contraception.

“This was the second of three ‘golden moments’. The first was the London Vaccine Summit in June 2011. This raised $4.3 billion for vaccination to immunise 250 million children and so prevent more than four million premature deaths. Next year a third golden moment is planned about hunger and food security....”