THE LANCET: Special release to mark opening of United Nations Assembly

Special MNCH Lancet edition

20 SEPTEMBER 2012 - The 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals is approaching fast, and recent estimates (Building a future for women and children: the Countdown 2012 report, 2012) suggest that many of the countries which currently have the highest burden of maternal, newborn, and child deaths will fall short of targets for improving child survival and reducing maternal mortality if the present rate of progress continues. There is a growing se1nse of urgency to accelerate progress towards these targets.

As the 67th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly gets underway, The Lancet is publishing a collection of papers outlining the latest thinking on how this can be achieved, as well as highlighting critical issues of accountability and equity.

  • Development aid for maternal and child heath stalls, despite increasing number of donors
  • Child mortality in Niger plummets
  • Equitable approach the best way to rapidly increase overall maternal and child health coverage
  • UNICEF studies highlight the importance of equity in maternal and child health improvement strategies

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