United Nations General Assemby September 2012: RMNCH In focus


New PMNCH 2012 Report

The PMNCH 2012 Report - Analysing Progress on Commitments to the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health

2012 PMNCH Report cover

The PMNCH 2012 Report reviews progress on commitments made by 220 stakeholders to the UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, and in support of the Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) Initiative. The report was commissioned by the independent Expert Review Group (iERG) to inform its report to the UN Secretary-General.

The PMNCH 2012 Report finds that the Global Strategy has been a catalyst for more focused and coordinated efforts for women’s and children’s health. Implementation is under way, but faces critical financial and human resource constraints. The report also highlights that more precise targeting of countries of greatest need and interventions addressing the main causes of maternal and child deaths. The reports finds that financial commitments to the Global Strategy come to nearly US$ 58 billion, including almost US$ 20 billion in new money. About US$ 10 billion has already been spent.

The PMNCH 2012 Report on the web

Find the a link on the right to download the Report, including individual chapters, responses to an online questionnaire sent to all stakeholders having made commitments, special WEB-ONLY Annexes, country case studies, and a review of national accountability mechanisms and analysis of financial commitments.