Global Maternal Health Conference in Arusha


Fostering rights-based accountability for maternal and child mortality

PMNCH and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's IDEAS project held a panel session entitled "Fostering Rights-Based Accountability for Maternal and Child Mortality" with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, South Africa’s University of the Western Cape and Pakistan’s National Forum on Women’s Health. The panel session launched PMNCH Knowledge Summary #23 on a human rights-based approach to health, the development of which was coordinated by the IDEAS project. The Knowledge Summary’s writer and IDEAS research fellow, Kate Sabot, led a panel of advocacy, academic and clinical experts from each partner organization which aims to:

  • Give an overview of a rights-based approach to health and the mechanisms available for holding governments and institutions accountable for maternal and child mortality;
  • Discuss illustrative cases where these instruments have been applied;
  • Discuss the limitations of these mechanisms and identify challenges regarding accountability for maternal and child deaths seen locally, nationally, regionally and internationally;
  • Explore how international institutions and communities engage with these processes;
  • Explore perspectives from the field on how a rights-based approach could support ongoing work to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and shape the post-Millennium Development Goal agenda