Parents take to the stage to speak out on newborn survival

Amidst the grief of losing a baby, bereaved parents also often find they have no voice and yet they have a wealth of knowledge to share with the medical profession.

There is Nothing More to Discuss is a verbatim piece of theatre using the exact words of parents whose babies were stillborn or died in the first few weeks of life. They explain the trauma of their loss and the impact of medical care, both good and bad.

Parents must become a powerful advocacy voice to facilitate health professional training and improve the quality of care. There is Nothing More to Discuss will open up a door to the experience of losing a child and how much difference can be made by the doctors and nurses who care for them.

Quotes from the transcript:

The doctor rushed out of the room in the middle of our post-mortem results. We assumed he'd been called into emergency surgery. He came back ten minutes later. He was sorry, he said, but it had just started raining and the hood on his convertible car was down.

I asked the new midwife when we could discuss the birth plan. Looking at her clipboard she said. ”You have already told this to your first midwife. You want to dress the baby, wash the baby, take her foot print, have photos and spend time with her. If nothing has changed, there is nothing more to discuss with me.”

When we were ready to dress our little boy I pulled out the outfit I had especially chosen for him. The midwife stopped me and said, “Don't waste your lovely clothes. We have some that we supply for this sort of thing.”

The midwife treated our baby daughter as if she was living and breathing. She told us how beautiful our baby was and was delicate and sensitive with her fragile body. In the end we called the midwife, Auntie. In the few hours we were with her she had become an integral part of our family

There is Nothing More to Discuss is written and produced by Isabelle and Girish Defaut-Juneja. They lost their first child, Prem-Amour, in June 2011, at 27 weeks of pregnancy. Their experience in hospital and subsequent dialogues with other bereaved parents has inspired them to create a piece of theatre that will connect to the hearts and heads of health professionals and help them understand how to better care for and speak to bereaved families. They intend to tour the play around hospitals throughout the UK and abroad.

They need your help to fund this project.

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