Call for nominations: Ten vacancies on GAVI CSO Constituency Steering Committee

Deadline for nominations: 1 May 2013

Roughly 22 million children in developing countries do not receive life-saving vaccines that parents in wealthy nations take for granted. PMNCH member GAVI Alliance works to redress this inequity.

GAVI supports a robust Civil Society Constituency whose role is to advise GAVI on its policies and practice, support the implementation of GAVI’s activities and ensure that the views of civil society are heard and engaged throughout the Alliance’s business.

The GAVI CSO Constituency has a 15-member Steering Committee (SC). In addition, the CSO representative to the GAVI Board, the alternate representative and the CSO representative to the Programme and Policy Committee (PPC) also serve on the SC, bringing total membership up to 18. The structure and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are outlined in the Constituency’s Charter.

Membership on the CSO SC is organizational

SC member organizations are selected based on commitment to follow issues, available time, technical expertise, and representation of the broad and diverse civil society spectrum. Specific attention is paid to country of origin and achieving a balance between advocacy and service delivery organizations. The SC also strives to maintain a gender balance.

Organizations serving on the Steering Committee are appointed to serve a single, nonrenewable, three-year term. Specific responsibilities of SC member organizations and their representatives can be found on page 2 of the CSO Constituency Charter.

Submitting a nomination

All interested organizations should first read the GAVI CSO Constituency Charter in its entirety. Nominations must be supported by a relevant national CSO platform, where one exists (it’s recommended that you include a supporting statement from the platform’s Chair or Coordinator). Nominations without the support of a national CSO platform may not be considered.

The organizational representative serving on the SC must have authority to represent the organization. Where the organization is part of a larger body of associated organizations, the SC representative must have permission to speak on behalf of the larger entity.

The representative must also have their organization’s support and approval to commit a minimum of 10% of their time to the work of the SC and that of the wider Constituency.

All SC members should also be able to represent networks and alliances of health organizations in their country, where applicable. The SC member organization and representative will be accountable for consulting with and reporting to the country and global networks to which they belong on a regular basis and as per need, where applicable.

SC member organizations should be able to cover the cost of at least one international call per month to join SC teleconferences. Where this is not possible, the SC will seek budget support to make this possible.

Nominations should be in English and should include in one document:

  • Organizational information (headquarters, branch offices, key areas of work, contact person submitting the organizational nomination)
  • Brief organizational statement of reason for interest, skills offered to the Steering Committee, previous involvement in immunization and organizational resources to be leveraged
  • Brief CV or biography of the individual who would represent the organization on the SC
  • Statement from organization that they are prepared to support the representative for GAVI CSO constituency work at a minimum of 10% time
  • Supporting statement from relevant national CSO platform

Please submit nominations no later than close of business Wednesday, 1 May 2013 to

Results will be announced via the GAVI CSO Constituency listsev, the Vaccine Advocacy Partners listserv, and the IHP CSO Partnership Forum listserv. Pending available budget and planning time, new SC members will be invited to join the 6-7 June SC meeting in Geneva.

Selection process and term limit

The Coordination Committee (a subgroup of the SC that is comprised of the SC Chair, vice-Chair, Board representative and the Communications Focal Point) will review nominations and make recommendations to the entire SC for short listing. Once the CC has established a short list, currently serving SC members will be given the opportunity to cast their votes based on the short list.

SC member organizations are selected for a single, non-renewable term of three consecutive years which is applied to all current members and future members. Only the Board member, Alternative Board member and PPC representative may serve longer terms contingent on their roles on the GAVI Board and Board Committees. An organization that has previously served on the SC may apply to serve again after a two-year hiatus.

SC member terms begin and end at the June SC meeting (or at the SC meeting closest to the month of June), regardless of the date when an individual representing an SC organization took up post.