Updates on post-2015 maternal mortality target setting


The Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality (EPMM) working group met in January 2014 to continue the ongoing discussion of maternal mortality targets, post-2015 and the end of the Millennium Development Goals. The group has issued a communiqué, providing additional details on the proposed targets and outlining next steps in the consultation process.

The working group is planning a series of virtual and face-to-face regional consultations to spark discussion on the proposed targets and gather country-specific feedback.

The proposed targets are discussed in depth in the communiqué. Additional information about the development of the targets is available on the Maternal Health, post-2015 topic page and reactions to the proposed targets are collected in the on-going blog series.

Everyone is invited to give feedback on the proposed targets by joining the conversation on Twitter—using hashtag #Post2015—or via email.