Women Deliver 2016 Global Conference


Copenhagen is Announced as the Official Location of Women Deliver 2016 Global Conference

Women Deliver and Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen announced that the 2016 Women Deliver Conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 17-19th May 2016. This conference, aims to be the largest gathering on girls’ and women’s health and rights in the last decade. It has historically been attended by a wide range of organisations and sectors, including high-level delegates such as the UN Secretary General. The event has also generated action and debate on shared progress and solutions that continue to make a difference for the lives and health of girls and women around the world.

The news was publicised during the Invest in Girls and Women: Everybody Wins event held at the Danish Parliament. This event, which shares the name of the recently launched Women Deliver toolkit – which makes the case for investing in girls and women – was attended by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The Princess commented that, “ I am proud that Denmark will be hosting the Women Deliver 2016 Conference, and look very much forward to not only welcoming the world’s leading girls’ and women’s health and rights advocates to Copenhagen for this historic event, but also to be participating once again in what is an inspirational, powerful and potentially game-changing forum.” Denmark has also recently launched its new Strategic Framework for Gender Equality, Rights and Diversity which focuses on the potential of gender equality to transform societies, and which highlights how Denmark will help girls and women to access resources and opportunities to enable them to take control over their own lives.

President of the organisation Women Deliver, Jill Sheffield, commented, “The Danish government has played a key role in advancing girls’ and women’s health and rights, and, with its support, this conference could catapult these issues to the forefront of the global development agenda.” Sheffield then added, “Invest in girls and women – it pays.” Mogens Jensen commented that “Women Deliver and Denmark are united in our dedication to improving the lives of girls and women everywhere.”

The announcement was made on August 18th 2014, the 500 day milestone towards the target date of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – eight goals which UN Member States agreed to try to achieve by the year 2015 to meet the needs of the worlds’ poorest people – which includes MDG3, to promote gender equality and to empower women, alongside MDG4 and 5; to reduce child and newborn mortality (MDG4) and to improve maternal health (MDG5). The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health’s (PMNCH) Knowledge Summary #28 New Global Investment Framework for Women’s and Children’s Health, underlines how investing in women’s and children’s health secures substantial health, social and economic returns. In addition, PMNCH’s Knowledge Summary #24 The economic benefits of investing in women’s and children’s health highlights how the good health of women and children not only has a universally acknowledged intrinsic value, but can also contribute to economic growth.