Developing the AYC Mentorship program: We want to hear from you!


PMNCH on behalf of the Adolescent and Youth constituency (AYC, AY) working group has launched a survey to help design a mentorship programme – targeted towards both potential mentors and mentees.

The AYC Mentorship Programme was agreed by the constituency and PMNCH Board in 2016 as an opportunity for AYC members to be matched with mentors from other constituencies and Board members to network and learn about key areas, skills and stakeholders/ constituencies in the Every Women Every Child ecosystem. This is an initiative within PMNCH’s capacity building efforts for the AY constituency to maximize the AY engagement and contributions to SRMNCAH and the SDGs at large.

Mentoring provides a high impact opportunity for AYC members to be exposed to a broad landscape of SRMNCAH organizations and agendas to add to diversity of thought and encourage collaboration across constituencies (an explicit request from the 2016 AYC Survey).

The aim of this Survey is to gather the required information from both potential mentees and mentors in order to develop the mentorship programmes’ content, modalities and ways of working. Subsequently, the MP will be finalized and phase one of implementation will start by matching mentors and mentees within PMNCH constituency members as a pilot project for one year. This will be followed by a roll out to all interested adolescent and youth networks beyond the constituency.

In 2016, AYC members initially identified the following priority areas for mentorship in 2017.

Priority Areas

  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Resource mobilization
  • Accountability - M&E
  • SRMNCAH continuum of care
  • Governance & leadership
  • Other areas based on mentees needs and mentors expertise, will be identified and prioritized annually through a survey

Survey now closed.