Press release: From Pledges to Action

Mobilizing action and accountability

A breakdown of the $40.3 billion pledged by stakeholders at the September launch of the Global Strategy shows that $17.3 billion came from upper and middle-income countries; $8.6 billion from the 49 lowest-income countries; $6 billion from non-government organizations and charities; $5 billion from the UN and other multilateral organizations; $2.3 billion from global philanthropic organizations; $1 billion from the business community; and $31 million from health care professional associations.

PMNCH's constituency groups have been instrumental in this process. Civil society members of PMNCH, non-governmental organizations and other charitable groups, pledged more than $6 billion to the Global Strategy. This figure includes commitments to develop and evaluate innovative approaches to delivering health and social services for all; strengthen local capabilities to scale-up implementation of proven interventions; educate and engage communities; track progress and encourage stakeholder accountability; and advocate for increased attention to women's and children's health.

Ann Starrs, co-chair of PMNCH and president of Family Care International, was instrumental in facilitating these commitments on behalf of her community. Says Starrs: "NGOs helped shape the Global Strategy as it was being written, and we pledged more than 15 percent of the total announced in September. Moving forward we will play an equally central role in implementing the Global Strategy. The Partners’ Forum in Delhi presents a critical opportunity to foster consensus and develop plans among global, regional and country partners for immediate action."

Several of PMNCH’s constituency groups will hold meetings in Delhi in conjunction with the Partners’ Forum. This will include health professional associations, convened by Dr. Andre Lalonde of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada and Bridget Lynch, President of the International Confederation of Midwives.

Academic and training institution members of PMNCH, will be convened by Prof. Vinod Paul, MD, of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Jane Schaller, Professor of Pediatrics Emerita, Tufts University, USA. Professor Paul, a world-renowned neonatologist, is a co-chair of PMNCH as well as Chair of the Pledges to Action programme committee. He will give the opening remarks at the meeting, which begins on Saturday 13 November.