Press release: From Pledges to Action

Upholding goals of the Global Strategy

Among those topics to be addressed at the Partners Forum will be how best to monitor the ambitious health goals set out in the Global Strategy to be achieved in 2015 alone:

  • Number of new users of family planning. The goal is 43 million new users;
  • Number of new mothers supported by a skilled birth attendant. The goal is 19 million more women;
  • Number of additional treatments for neonatal infections. The goal is 2.2 million more treatments;
  • Number of newborns exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life. The goal is 21.9 million more infants.
  • Number of children under 5 who receive vitamin A supplements. The goal is 117 million more children;
  • Number of children protected from pneumonia. The goal is 40 million more children;
  • Number of new health facilities, including heath centers, and district and regional hospitals. The goal is 85,000 additional health facilities;
  • Number of additional health workers. The goal is between 2.5 and 3.5 million new workers, including nurses, midwives, physicians, technicians, community health workers, and administrative staff.

In addition to tracking health indicators and outcomes, it also important to monitor key inputs to this process, such as financial investments, supportive policies and laws, and health system service delivery, which enable such outcomes to be achieved.