Press release: From Pledges to Action

Accountability counts

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg launched the Global Campaign for the Health MDGs in 2007 with the specific goal of increasing and sustaining the financial and political commitments made for the health MDGs. The Network of Global Leaders guides the campaign, providing political support and advocacy for the health MDGs.

Because the leaders consider 2010 a turning point for improving maternal and child health, the 2010 Global Campaign Report focuses on commitments made and the need for accountability. For the report, a group of leaders state how their countries or organizations will honor their commitments and hold themselves accountable for progress.

In addition to the financial pledges, the report also highlights other types of commitments, including:

  • Intel, by working with local governments, NGOs and telecom providers, is offering internet access to Bangladeshi women in remote villages;
  • The UK is creating an Independent Commission for Aid Impact to monitor the use of its aid resources and will publish information online;
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the governments of the UK, Australia and US have formed an alliance to support the efforts of high-need countries to reduce unintended pregnancies, maternal and newborn mortality.

Looking forward, the report lays out a 2011 roadmap of regional and global events that offer opportunities to focus world attention on the health of women and children and support efforts for all countries to meet the health MDGs, culminating with the September UN General Assembly where the recommendations and action points of the WHO-convened high-level process for accountability will be presented.