Every Newborn: An action plan to end preventable deaths

Working together to accelerate progress for newborn survival and better health for women and children

Global consultation launch

19 APRIL 2013 | GENEVA — Worldwide consultation is now underway to develop a global newborn action plan to highlight the newborn as a connecting point between mother and child, uniting governments, civil society, academia, business and health professionals in a major new push for progress on women's and children's health.

A background document was prepared for consultation during the inaugural Global Newborn Health Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa from April 15-18 2013—the first-ever global summit on newborns. Input gathered during formal and informal consultations with conference participants, and online at globalnewbornaction.org, will be incorporated into an official draft, which will then be developed further based on wide consultation in the coming months, including at the World Health Assembly 2013, at the Women Deliver conference in May 2013 and at other various regional and national consultation meetings.