PMNCH Fact sheets

Each year:

  • Some 350,000 women die in pregnancy or childbirth;
  • More than 8 million children die before their fifth birthday;
  • About 40% of those die in the first month of life (neonate mortality);
  • An estimated 6 million deaths could be prevented -- through better access and integration of health interventions;
  • These needed interventions are known and affordable.

These are only some of the global facts and figures regarding women’s and children’s health – the tragedy of millions of lives lost each year which are preventable. In 2000, world leaders agreed to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) --with two goals specific to women's and children’s health: (MDG 4 – reduce child mortality and MDG 5 – improve maternal health). In 2005, PMNCH was created to focus attention on this tragedy, and accelerate action, commitment and progress to achieving MDGs 4 + 5 amongst other MDGs implicated. Find below PMNCH Fact Sheets on women’s and children’s health, including a definition of the “continuum of care”—a key precept of the Partnership.

PMNCH Fact Sheets (updated August 2011)

Fact sheets- related Initiatives

Actuemos hoy por las Mujeres y los Hijos notas descriptivas (Maternal, newborn and child fact sheets) Español, 2007