The Partnership Update - March 2008

Highlight on partners

Family Care International (FCI) wins 2008 UN Population Award

Founded in 1987, FCI was one of the first NGOs to place maternal health at the center of its mission. Over the past 20 years, FCI, led by founding president Jill Sheffield, has developed and advocated for effective practices for reducing maternal mortality across the globe, and fought to bring the issue of Safe Motherhood into the world development mainstream.

At the Safe Motherhood Conference in Nairobi, Kenya—where the Safe Motherhood Initiative was launched—FCI played a key role and then worked as secretariat to the Safe Motherhood Inter-Agency Group. Most recently FCI was lead agency in the Women Deliver Conference October 2007.

Early in March, FCI was announced the organizational winner of this year’s United Nations Population Award--given each year to individuals and institutions for their outstanding work in population and in improving the health and welfare of individuals. Congratulations to FCI, and new President and Co-Chair of The Partnership Board, Ann Starrs.