The Partnership Update - April 2008

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Costing tools: technical reviews, consultations and web site
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The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) has, in collaboration with several international development partners, concluded the first phase (June 2007 - May 2008) of a work program that provides technical assistance to countries in the use of costing tools related to the health MDGs. The first phase has produced four main outputs:

  • A technical review that assesses the technical validity and user-friendliness of 13 costing tools. The technical review has been conducted by Bitran and Associates (all tools) and PATH.
  • A technical consultation in Senegal in January 2008, which provided a forum for users of the tools, tool developers, and the external reviewers to discuss experiences with using the tools and identify ways of strengthening the tools and the process of applying them a the country-level.
  • An informal consultation hosted by UNFPA in New York in February 2008 to plan a course of action to implement the recommendations of the meeting in Senegal. For a summary of the agreements of this consultation, please refer to the costing tools website hosted by PMNCH (see below)
  • A Costing Tools Website hosted on The Partnership website. It contains all the documentation of the costing tools work program, as well as links to the tools and contact information of the tool developers.

During the technical consultation in Senegal, countries expressed the need for guidance materials to empower countries to manage the costing tools process, including the definition of purpose, tool selection, analysis, and presentation of results. It is envisioned that such materials will be developed in a second phase of the costing tools work program, beginning in the second half of 2008.

For more information on this work programme, please send an email to

Democratic Republic of Congo, 7-11 April 2008

The Partnership Country Support took part in the national health sector review in DRC during the week of 7-11 April 2008 . The meeting assessed the implementation of the government "Priority Action Plan" in relation to the Health Sector Strategy and identified priorities for the year 2009. Dr Mamadou Diallo, senior adviser for Country Support, also took the opportunity to discuss its potential areas of intervention with the DRC, MoH. Several actions for The Partnership were identified in its contribution to MNCH in DRC: technical assistance to conduct an MNCH situational analysis; organization of a national MNCH Forum; establishment of a national PMNCH; and the development of an MNCH Strategic Plan.

Country Support Working Group (CSWG) meeting, 21 April 2008

The Country Support Working Group core members met on April 21 2008 to discuss progress to date on the workplan and next steps. Among areas of focus for the coming months: the operationalizing support to countries by completing the mapping of country needs and the technical capacities of partners; the development of a systematic approach to the identification and dissemination of best practices and the dissemination of tools for facilitated MNCH planning. The CSWG is also researching means of maximizing the use of resources available through the numerous PMNCH members.

The CSWG also bid goodbye and expressed its thanks to its two out-going co-chairs, Dr Al Bartlett, USAID and Dr Nancy Terreri, UNICEF. Dr Bartlett was the original Chair of CSWG at its inception in 2005, and he and Dr Terreri have been co-chairs since the Partners' Forum, 2006. Thank you to both co-chairs for their dedication and work. Nominations for Interim Chairs of the Country Support Working Group have taken place, and will soon be announced.