The Partnership Update - November 2007


Women Deliver Conference
An African lady signs the Deliver Now pledge

London 17-20 October 2007 - "We are making a promise to the women of the world. We will not allow this injustice and waste to continue. We will deliver." With those words, Ann Starrs, executive vice president of Family Care International and Co-chair of The Partnership brought to a close the Women Deliver International Conference in London. More than 1,800 participants from 109 countries spent three days mobilizing political will and investment to reduce pregnancy-related deaths and disabilities worldwide. Strong new pledges to invest in women’s health came from donors, government officials, corporations, foundations and non-governmental organizations.

The Partnership played a key role at the Women Deliver Conference. "Women Deliver was a seminal conference for the maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) movement,’ said Dr Francisco Songane after the conference. "At Women Deliver, we started to speak a common language, with the continuum of care as the basis of our work together."

Partners meet to plan MNCH work in Asia and the Pacific

Bangkok 2-4 November 2007 - A regional meeting was held by partners involved in maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) in Asia and the Pacific. The objective of this meeting included developing an investment case for improving MNCH in Asia and the Pacific.

Health Care Professionals (HCP) Workshop

Blantyre 11-14 November 2007 - Health care professionals from Africa have responded to a "call to action" at the Malawi workshop. "The Health Care Professional Associations Role in Achieving MDGs 4 and 5" brought together 56 participants, including members of professional health care associations and the public health sector from Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda as well as representatives from international and regional associations and agencies based in Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

Barcelona Children Rights Congress

Barcelona, 15 November 2007 - Dr Flavia Bustreo took part in the Third World Congress on Children and Adolescent Rights. In a session called "The participation of children and adolescents in health issues -Towards a universal right to health coverage", Dr Bustreo encouraged participants to discuss the involvement of other organizations and in particular youth groups in the global campaign and Deliver Now.