The Partnership Update - June-July 2008


Christie's Auction: Art for Health Paintings
Christie's Director, Clarice Giraldi opens the auction
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Christie's Director, Clarice Giraldi opens the auction

19 June 2008, Rome - An auction of 38 paintings by artist Elisabetta Farina collected EUR 34, 400 through the Art for Health Collection and initiative - a joint Partnership/WHO Reproductive Health project which works to raise awareness on women's sexual and reproductive health. The auction was attended by a variety of buyers from the health and political sectors, television and diplomatic missions. A statement from Sarah Brown highlighting maternal, newborn and child health was read during the auction. Proceeds will be used to fund a mobile boat clinic in Honduras aimed at reducing malaria with a focus on pregnant women, mothers and children.

Maternal health at the UN Human Rights Council

5 June 2008 - Dr Francisco Songane called on Council members to take leadership towards building accountability to save mothers' lives during a Council panel discussion on maternal health in early June. Other speakers were Paul Hunt, UN Special Rapporteur for Health, Vincent Fauveau (UNFPA), Jashodhara Dasgupta (of SAHAYOG, an Indian NGO) and Monir Islam (WHO).

Deliver Now for Women and Children - Progress in India

July 2008 - The DNWC India campaign is taking shape. In April, the country launch took place and a number of national stars were appointed as MNCH ambassadors. In May, in-country partners developed an entitlements checklist based on the National Rural Health Plan, which outlines the minimum standard that each government health unit must meet. Partners also organized advocacy training for NGOs at district level in MNCH. In June, the White Ribbon Alliance organized two public hearings at district levels during which community members shared their views on the MNCH facilities to which they have access.

Deliver Now for Women and Children - Launch and LAC Technical meeting

On 18 September 2008, President Bachelet of Chile will launch Deliver Now for Women and Children in the Latin American region which Norway's Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, will attend. The Deliver Now Campaign name has been translated into Spanish: "Actuemos hoy por las madres y sus hijós". On 1-2 July 2008, a meeting hosted by the MoH of Chile brought together representatives from the four countries that will be initially involved in this initiative: Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador and Chile. Also present were representatives from the Chilean President's Office, the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chilean Association of Midwifery, and the Chilean Development Aid Agency, the WHO country office as well as The Partnership.

The meeting resulted in an agreement to expand the regional initiative upon five major pillars: 1) high-level political commitment including participation from Presidents and Prime Ministers; 2) a media and communications campaign outlining the major challenges and solutions; 3) a financial component to ensure the sustainability of the initiative; 4) a technical component focused initially on an exchange of knowledge and practices and 5) a community mobilization component to create demand for services through civil society action.