The Partnership Update - Autumn 2009

Announcement New Interim Chair & Meet the new PMNCH Secretariat

Meet the new PMNCH Secretariat

Director, Dr Flavia Bustreo
Dr Flavia Bustreo, Director PMNCH

Director, Dr Flavia Bustreo is responsible for the running of The Partnership Secretariat business, the preparation, management and implementation of the approved work plan and budget, and the reporting to the Board on the achievement of objectives and workplan of the Partnership and on the appropriate use of resources.

Dr Bustreo (Italy) is a world-renowned physician who has had a global career in international health with assignments at the World Bank and Norway and in country and regional offices of the World Health Organization (WHO), including Sudan, Senegal, Bangladesh, as well as WHO’s EURO office in Copenhagen and headquarters in Geneva. Dr Bustreo has been involved in key taskforces on global health, including the recent High Level Taskforce on International Innovative Financing for Health Systems launched at the United Nation (UN) General Assembly 2008 and the 2005 UN Taskforce on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 to reduce maternal and child mortality. She is also a well-published scholar in the field of child survival.

At the World Bank, Dr Bustreo was a Senior Public Health Specialist responsible for the WHO-World Bank partnership for child health management. In 2004, she became Interim Deputy Director of the Child Survival Partnership. In 2005, she coordinated the initiative to monitor and track the achievement of MDGs 4 & 5 – the Countdown to 2015. In 2005, she was also instrumental in the creation of The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH). In 2006, she joined The Partnership as Deputy Director. Dr Bustreo’s career in international health has focused on diseases affecting the poor and the disadvantaged, providing technical assistance to countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda and Sudan, where she advised government on the introduction and implementation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy.

Dr Bustreo started her career in Italy working with local NGOs to set up primary health care for refugees and assess the condition of children in post-war Iraq. Dr Bustreo received a degree in medicine and a postgraduate qualification in rehabilitation medicine from Padua University, Italy, and later obtained a M.Sc. in Communicable Disease Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The Maternal and Child Health Technical Team

Coordinator. Technical Team + Special Advisor, Strategy, Dr Andres De Francisco
Andrés de Francisco

Dr Andres De Francisco coordinates the MNCH technical team of the Secretariat and supports the PMNCH Director, Board, Partners and Secretariat on planning, policy, strategy, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the achievement of MDG 4 and 5 and of The Partnership itself.

Dr De Francisco (Colombia) joined the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in April 2008 as a Special Adviser on Strategy and Scientific Policy. A medical doctor from Colombia with a doctorate in public health, Dr De Francisco worked previously as Deputy Executive Director and Head of Research and Programmes of the Global Forum for Health Research, bridging the interface between policy and research. Other past positions include: Project Director of the Matlab MCH-FP Programme and Coordinator of Reproductive Health Research at the Centre for Health and Population Research in Bangladesh (ICDDRB); Honorary Senior Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Senior Scientific Officer at the Medical Research Council in The Gambia, West Africa; and Director of the Hospital in Miraflores (a rural zone in the Amazonas region in Colombia). He has worked in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health interventions, in particular in the field of maternal and child health, and in the subsequent transfer of research knowledge into policies for health and population programmes in South America, West Africa, and South East Asia.

Lori MacDougall
Senior Technical Officer, Policy and Advocacy, Lori McDougall

Lori McDougall articulates policy approaches to improve MNCH outcomes and accelerate the achievement of MDGs 4 and 5. She is responsible for harmonizing MNCH messages and raising the profile of MNCH policies globally, mobilizing partners and resources, reaching key policy-making bodies and audiences through advocacy and positioning MNCH in the context of health system initiatives.

Ms McDougall (Canada) is a policy and advocacy expert who has worked in India, Cambodia, Nepal, Hong Kong, the U.K., Switzerland and Canada. As consultant and former Senior Advisor to The Partnership, Ms McDougall developed strategies and supervised MNCH advocacy campaigns in New York, India and Tanzania and coordinated the PMNCH Partners’ Forum in Tanzania in 2007. For several years, she worked with the BBC World Service Trust, where she managed several award-winning TV/radio advocacy campaigns on global health issues, including HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and leprosy. A former journalist, Ms McDougall was an editor for Canada's women's magazine, Chatelaine, and Chief of Correspondents for a regional business magazine in Hong Kong, Asia, Inc. Ms McDougall earned her first degree in her home-town at the University of Toronto in English literature, and a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics (Development Studies). She is presently working on a doctoral thesis looking at the impact of advocacy and communications on health systems strengthening at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Senior Technical Officer, Knowledge Management, Dr Shyama Kuruvilla
Dr Shyama Kuruvilla

Dr Shyama Kuruvilla is responsible, with partners, for the design, development and management of The Partnership’s knowledge system and summaries to facilitate the translation of knowledge into policy and practice to improve maternal, newborn and child health

Dr Kuruvilla (India) has worked as a researcher, professor, and policy analyst and joined The Partnership from the Department of International Health, Boston University. She was previously employed at the World Health Organization in Switzerland as a Scientist and Global Health Leadership Officer in Evidence and Information for Policy. Dr Kuruvilla has coordinated and collaborated on a range of multidisciplinary international projects focusing on global health policy and partnerships, policy science and political philosophy, knowledge translation and the assessment of health research and policy impact. Dr Shyama Kuruvilla attained a PhD. in public health and policy from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she was a Research Fellow. She graduated from Cornell University with an M.S., concentrating on health services administration and health communication. Her undergraduate degree was in occupational therapy from the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India, where she also coordinated a community-based rehabilitation program through the Department of Community Health and Development.

Technical Officer Economics, Henrik Axelson
Henrik Axelson

Henrik Axelson works with a team of partners on building the evidence-base on the economics and financing related to MDGs 4 and 5, including costing, cost-benefit analysis, tracking of financial flows and equity in utilization and maternal and child mortality. This analytic work is conducted through fora and networks including the Countdown to 2015, the MNCH Network for Asia and the Pacific and the UN Inter-Agency Group for Costing.

Mr Axelson (Sweden) is a health economist with more than 10 years experience with multilateral and non-governmental organizations, including the World Bank. He has worked on the design, implementation, and evaluation of health reforms and health financing policies, the costing of interventions needed to achieve the health Millennium Development Goals and analysis of the economic benefits of investing in maternal, newborn and child health in Asia and the Pacific. Previously, Mr. Axelson was health economist at the WHO country office in Vietnam, where he worked with the government to strengthen health insurance and other social protection mechanisms. He has also been based in Indonesia, Washington, and Geneva, and has provided technical assistance to several countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia and the Pacific. Mr Axelson holds a Master's Degree in International Economics and Business from the Stockholm School of Economics, and is currently working on his doctoral dissertation in Health Economics with Lund University, Sweden.

The Corporate Service Team

Board Relations and Information Officer, Marta Seoane
Marta Seoane

Marta Seoane serves as a focal point with The Partnership Board in its work, also facilitating and enhancing communications with partners and across The Partnership as well as managing web content for a wide range of purposes, including governance and accountability.

Ms Seoane (Spain) brings to PMNCH a mix of private and public sector experience. She has worked in public health over the past six years, becoming an expert in partner relations, advocacy and communications for a range of health issues. Since 2007, she has contributed to The Partnership's advocacy work to place MNCH firmly in the development agenda, globally and also through country and regional advocacy initiatives, working with the PMNCH Board and advising partners and countries such as Chile, Senegal and Tanzania. She also worked for four years at the Tobacco Free Initiative at the WHO, contributing to policy changes in countries through global advocacy campaigns, including World No Tobacco Day. Previously, Ms Seoane worked as a financial analyst for Bloomberg LP in London. As a training and financial products expert, she travelled through Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Asia organizing seminars and conferences, in addition to reporting live for Bloomberg TV (English and Spanish channels) on economic news, financial reports and analysis. Ms Seoane holds Masters degrees in Economics and Business Administration, with studies in international policy and affairs from the Universities of Barcelona (Spain), Bournemouth (UK) and Poitiers (France). ). She recently completed the Creating Collaborative Solutions programme, an Executive Education course at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Senior Finance Officer, Nicholas Meadmore

Nicholas Meadmore works with the Finance Committee, the Secretariat, partners and donors to ensure good financial management, budgeting and financial reporting, including consolidated annual reports. He also provides advice to improve financial performance and reporting, facilitate audit processes and build sound operational frameworks for The Partnership.

Mr Meadmore (United Kingdom) brings more than 25 years of financial management experience to his work at The Partnership. He has worked as Chief Accountant and finance manager in London, Geneva and Egypt with public and private corporations, non-governmental organizations and the World Health Organization. He has worked as both staff and consultant to monitor and manage departmental budgets and financial resources, expenditures and donor contributions, annual work planning processes and financial reports, as well as conduct financial and procedural reviews. Mr Meadmore earned his Master of Business Administration at Reading University’s Henley Management College and his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Management at the University of Manchester, in the U.K.

Administrative Officer, Rustam Ergashev

Rustam Ergashev provides administrative support to the PMNCH Secretariat, governing Board, committees, task forces and the partners, including human resources management, accounting, procurement and logistics.

Mr Ergashev (Uzbekistan) comes to The Partnership with more than 10 years of international experience in management, finance, human resources and general administration with United Nations, non-governmental organizations and private sector in Afghanistan, Switzerland, Tanzania and Uzbekistan. He has written business articles, evaluation reports and administrative guidelines. Mr Ergashev speaks English, French, Russian and Uzbek and earned a Masters Degree in Management, Development Studies, from the University of Turin, Italy

Assistant to the Director/Secretary, Ms Tamunomiete Flora Farrell
Tammy Farrell

Tammy Farrell works as the Assistant to the Director, as well as providing administrative support to the other professional staff members, to the Board and other Partnership members. Ms Farrell coordinates all PMNCH meetings and travel, oversees consultants involved in support of administration and is responsible for the maintenance of the PMNCH database.

Ms Farrell (Nigeria) has more than 15 years experience as Assistant/Secretary. She earned her BSc. in Business Studies at the University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She then moved to the United Kingdom where she worked in both the private and public sector in administration and finance. Ms Farrell also worked as an assistant and secretary for several years with WHO’s Stop TB Department before joining The Partnership

Consultant to PMNCH

Consulting Technical officer, Kadidiatou Touré
Kadidiatou Touré

As a consultant, Kadi Toure provides support to members on priority actions two, three and four - strengthening human resources, identifying the MNCH core package of interventions and securing essential MNCH commodities globally and in countries. Ms Toure provides support to advocacy initiatives and to the health care professionals (HCP) associations, organizing workshops and managing the HCP Communities of Practice.

Ms Toure (Senegal) has studied Economics, Gender and Development, earning her Msc. from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, and a Bachelor in Economics and Political Science at Wake Forest University in the United States (North Carolina). Working with the private sector in Senegal, she has worked on communications and managed corporate social investment initiatives. Ms Toure also worked in her home country with UNIFEM and the non-governmental organization, TOSTAN, doing research and community development.

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