The Partnership Updates

The Global Business Plan for MDG 4 & 5 (GBP)


In December 2005, the Countdown to 2015 Conference in December 2005 identified major gaps and opportunities in the reduction of child mortality, MDG4. Following this, the Prime Minister of Norway, Mr Jens Stoltenberg launched the MDG 4 Initiative in coordination with UNICEF and The Lancet in New York at the Child Survival Symposium in September 2006 to draw attention to child survival, re-energize global commitment to MDG4 and build the Global Business Plan (GBP).

During the Fall of 2006, Norway's MDG 4 Initiative gained support from the United Kingdom and its Finance Minister, Gordon Brown, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In December 2006, The Partnership was endorsed as the platform to develop the GBP with key stakeholders contributing to its development, funding and execution. As MDG 4 and 5 are intrinsically linked, partners decided to expand the initiative to include both MDG 4 and 5 and to change the name to the "Global Business Plan for MDG 4 & 5". In January 2007, a technical meeting took place in London with WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, USAID; the Health Metrics Network, academic institutions, the government of Norway and PMNCH.


The GBP is to provide political impetus at the highest level to facilitate country-led action directed towards attaining MDG 4 and 5. The GBP will underscore why we need to do more to meet the MDGs, demonstrate how we should better organize ourselves to meet those goals, and outline what more is needed to attain MDG 4 and 5. The GBP will map out a global strategy for how we can organize better country-led action for MDG 4 and 5.

The development of the GBP will now engage a greater number of countries. Countries are invited to join the initiative, participate in the process, and contribute their points of view and proposals. The following meetings are opportunities for this to happen:

  • March 2007: A meeting in Oslo, Norway, is planned to delineate the GBP’s terms and structure. Countries from Latin America, Asia, and Africa will take part in this meeting, as well as international financial institutions.
  • April 2007: The PMNCH Partners' Forum is meeting in Dar Es Salaam. Some 100 partners taking part will be asked for their input and feedback.

The official launch of the Global Business Plan is expected in mid-2007.