SimIns - Health Financing Policy Tool

Guy Carrin and Chris James , Version 2.1 of SimIns released in May 2008
The SimIns software developed and jointly owned by WHO and GTZ

SimIns is a computerized tool to aid in making health financing policy decisions. It does so by projecting health expenditure and funding for a 10 year time period. Thereby it allows to evaluate the feasibility of alternative mixes of financing sources, including social health insurance, community-based health insurance and government budget lines. It can be applied to both existing or planned schemes.

SimIns contributes to financial planning in health insurance over the medium term, predicting the broad contours of health financing possibilities. As such, it has four principal uses:

  • To illustrate the implications of initial policies for a health insurance scheme and thus supporting analysis of different policy options.
  • To determine contributions, utilization rates and health care costs that ensure financial equilibrium of a health insurance scheme under dynamic conditions.
  • To demonstrate the impact that the introduction of health insurance would have on the overall structure of health financing.
  • To illustrate the impact of health insurance on public finance.
Obtaining SimIns

SimIns is available on request. Please send an email to: for a copy and further information.