Providing for Health

How do P4H partners collaborate ?

Inform and involve

In order to exploit the full potential for synergies and harmonized collaboration in the area of SHP, P4H partners:

  • inform other partners through the coordination desk about Social Health Protection (SHP) - related requests and/or planned activities and/or ongoing activities; and
  • proactively involve at least one other P4H partner (and preferably all of them) in the support process.

Networking at national level

Experience shows that the transition to Universal Coverage (UC) requires extensive capacity and effort in terms of technical expertise, systems thinking, stakeholder involvement, change management and coordination of inputs and processes – a broad spectrum of issues that many countries may find themselves struggling with and for which P4H can offer support.

Given this context, countries may benefit most from P4H support if P4H partners (and possibly other development partners working in this area) form a local SHP/UC network for joint, tailored, flexible and harmonized support to the country-led transition process; and if various support activities are guided by a road map or plan that is part of the national health sector strategy and reform process, and is linked to the country’s broader social protection agenda.

Networking at local level

Two or more P4H partners at country level agree to support jointly the partner country in its efforts to improve SHP. No signatures are required, though in some countries the collaboration may be formalized through a memorandum of understanding (as in Cambodia link), or on the basis of a request/mandate from the partner country (as in Nepal).

In other situations the network may be rather loose and non-formalized (as in Uganda), but united through a common commitment towards improving SHP. The shape of the P4H network depends on the country-specific context. The local network may also include other interested development partners that have a stake in health financing and health systems development.

P4H and global health initiatives

P4H links with other global health initiatives to promote and facilitate a style of programme management and organization, including the use of external funds, that contributes to the development of sustainable financing mechanisms for the entire health system.

This implies that P4H engages in dialogue with global health initiatives to explore ways in which their contributions to health systems strengthening can be used to accelerate the transition to UC and SHP. Furthermore, P4H assists countries and global health initiatives to align these opportunities with national strategies and plans for SHP.

P4H and the International Health Partnership (IHP+)

P4H network and IHP+ complement each other in strengthening health systems. IHP+ seeks to achieve better health results by mobilizing donor countries and other development partners around a single country-led national health strategy, guided by the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action.

P4H looks in more detail at the health financing component of this national health strategy, but also broadens its scope of support to include social dialogue and inclusive stakeholder involvement. Since many decisions about health financing and SHP are taken outside the health sector an inter-sectoral process is a crucial element in the transition to UC and SHP.

Join the network!

The P4H network extends an invitation to other partners to jointly support countries in improving social health protection. This implies that all partners are open to collaboration with all other partners working in the area of health financing and SHP, share information and actively involve other partners in support activities.

Let’s make SHP a reality - Together we can achieve more!