Environmental and occupational risk factors

Chapter 16: Unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene

Annette Prüss-Üstün, David Kay, Lorna Fewtrell and Jamie Bartram

Chapter 17: Urban air pollution

Aaron J. Cohen, H. Ross Anderson, Bart Ostro, Kiran Dev Pandey, Michal Krzyzanowski, Nino Künzli, Kersten Gutschmidt, C. Arden Pope III, Isabelle Romieu, Jonathan M. Samet and Kirk R. Smith

Chapter 18: Indoor air pollution from household use of solid fuels

Kirk R. Smith, Sumi Mehta and Mirjam Maeusezahl-Feuz

Chapter 19: Lead exposure

Annette Prüss-Üstün, Lorna Fewtrell, Philip J. Landrigan and José Luis Ayuso-Mateos

Chapter 20: Global climate change

Anthony McMichael, Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Sari Kovats, Sally Edwards, Paul Wilkinson, Theresa Wilson, Robert Nicholls, Simon Hales, Frank Tanser, David Le Sueur, Michael Schlesinger and Natasha Andronova

Chapter 21: Selected occupational risk factors

Marisol Concha-Barrientos, Deborah Imel Nelson, Timothy Driscoll, N. Kyle Steenland, Laura Punnett, Marilyn Fingerhut, Annette Prüss-Üstün, James Leigh, SangWoo Tak and Carlos Corvalan