Quantifying environmental health impacts

Environmental burden of disease: Country profiles for the year 2004

What are the country profiles of environmental burden of disease?

What are the links between environmental risk factors and specific diseases?

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    Provides information on how diseases such as respiratory infections, tuberculosis, lung cancer or cardiovascular diseases are affected by the environment.

WHO presents country data on the burden of disease that is preventable through healthier environments. These estimates provide the stepping stone for informed policy making in disease prevention.

The country profiles provide an overview of summary information on selected parameters that describe the environmental health situation of a country, as well as a preliminary estimate of health impacts caused by environmental risks for the year 2004. Such preliminary estimates can be used as an input to more refined estimates of a country's health impacts.

These country estimates are a milestone in a first step to assisting national decision-makers in the sectors of health and environment to set priorities for preventive action. The first step is to quantify burden, and now the second step is for countries to select the appropriate interventions.

Summary guide for the EBD country profiles

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    Short introduction on the materials and methods that are used to quantify the disease burden attributable to environmental risk factors in the country profiles.