Quantifying environmental health impacts

Environmental burden of disease: Country profiles


In 2007, the first country profiles of environmental burden of disease were published, with 2002 WHO health statistics.

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How to read the country profiles?


Each country sheet consists of an estimation of the burden of disease developed along 2 methods:

Part 1: Environmental burden of disease for 3 selected risk factors

The first part presents deaths and DALYs attributable to three environmental risk factors, obtained with exposure-based methods. Data sources include:

  • Exposure to unsafe water/sanitation (Source: MDG Monitoring)
  • Exposure to indoor air pollution due to solid fuel use (Source: MDG Monitoring)
  • Exposure to particulate matter - indicator for outdoor air pollution (Source: The World Bank, AirBase, WHO PAHO)

Health data are from the WHO country health statistics, and the methods applied are described in more details in the Environmental Burden of Disease Series.
(This data is also available in a separate excel format for all countries.)

Part 2: Total environmental burden of disease

The second part is based on the methods used in the recent "Preventing disease through healthy environments" publication and WHO country health statistics. The method uses regional exposure based on Comparative Risk Assessment & literature review, completed by expert opinion and provides how much the modifiable environment contribute to the disease burden of 85 diseases.

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