Sexual and reproductive health

The HRP Alliance for Research Capacity Strengthening (RCS)

The HRP Alliance strengthens regional networking among individual and institutions.

The Human Reproduction Programme (HRP) is the only body within the United Nations with a global mandate to lead research in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and to conduct research capacity strengthening (RCS) as a core activity.

RCS is an initiative enhancing the ability and resources of individuals, organizations and systems to undertake, communicate and use high quality research.

Zika research in the American Region of WHO

February 2017: Seventeen research proposals aimed at identifying solutions to address the Zika virus will soon be starting in 7 Latin American countries. They range from identifying transmission risk factors to evaluating diagnostic tools and examining the use of prenatal counselling and contraceptives.

HRP* [is] a global leader in sexual and reproductive health research and capacity building, with particular relevance to the needs of populations in resource-poor settings. The evidence base resulting from this research has been translated effectively into health policy changes [...] and has ultimately improved health outcomes." (External evaluation 2008-2012)