Sexual and reproductive health

Sex without consent. Young people in developing countries

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Editors: Shireen J. Jejeebhoy, Iqbal Shah and Shyam Thapa
Publication date: 2005
Languages: English
Price: Hardback £60.00. Paperback £19.99.
ISBN: 978 1 84277 681 0



The pressing need to analyse what is known about non-consensual sex among young people in developing countries is self-evident. Available evidence has been scattered and unrepresentative and has often given the misguided impression that non-consensual sex among young people is rare.

This important volume presents a disturbing picture of non-consensual sex among girls as well as boys, and among married as well as unmarried young women in a variety of settings. This volume documents, moreover, the expanse of non-consensual experiences that young people face - from unwanted touch to forced penetrative sex and gang rape. Although focusing on young females, it also sheds light on the experience of young males as both victims and perpetrators.