Sexual and reproductive health

Biomedical infertility care in poor resource countries: barriers, access and ethics

Facts, Views and Vision in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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Editors: T Gerrits, W Ombelet, F van Balen, S Vanderpoel
Number of pages: 90
Publication date: 2012


Limited information is available pertaining to the ways biomedical infertility care is supplied and used in different developing countries and within low re- source contexts, though the number of studies in this area has increased over the last decade.

The aim of this Monograph is to bring together insights from various local realities in order to increase our understanding of factors and circumstances that are constraining, complicating and/or facilitating the provision and use of infertility services in different contexts. in addition, this Monograph addresses some of the challenges that the high prevalence of HIV/AIDs in many low resource areas can present within the delivery of infertility services.