Sexual and reproductive health

Kangaroo mother care

Practical guide

World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research

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Number of pages: 48
Publication date: 2003
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Price: CHF 15.00 / US$ 18.00 - Developing countries: CHF 10.50
ISBN: 92 4 1590351


Kangaroo mother care is a method of care of preterm infants. The method involves infants being carried, usually by the mother, with skin-to-skin contact. This guide is intended for health professionals responsible for the care of low-birth-weight and preterm infants. Designed to be adapted to local conditions, it provides guidance on how to organize services at the referral level and on what is needed to provide effective kangaroo mother care. The guide includes practical advice on when and how the kangaroo mother care method can best be applied.