Sexual and reproductive health

Neonatal and perinatal mortality 2004

Country, regional and global estimates

Ahman, Elisabeth / Zupan, Jelka

cover neonatal and perinatal mortality estimates 2004

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Number of pages: 20
Publication date: 2007
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 159614 5


This leaflet provides neonatal and perinatal mortality estimates for 2004. These estimates have been updated with new data from surveys and vital registration, using the same methodology and assumptions as those published for 2000 and adjusted to the WHO estimated under-five mortality for 2004. This update is done in response to a surge in national community studies and acknowledging improved reporting of vital registration data. According to these new estimates, neonatal mortality in developing countries was 31 deaths per 1000 live births; of those deaths, 76%, or 3 million occurred in the early neonatal period.

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