Sexual and reproductive health

Training modules for the syndromic management of sexually transmitted infections

2007 - ISBN 978 92 4 159340 7

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This training programme is for clinicians and service providers whose normal duties include first-level diagnosis and treatment of patients and those who work as outreach providers, counsellors or educators at any first-contact health facility. To make an effective attack on the STI epidemic, it is important that all such staff be trained as quickly as possible.

The training may also be of value to more experienced staff who will be involved in the management or administration of clinics and health services.

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This CD-ROM programme can be used as an adjunct to a conventional training course for health-care providers or as an independent self-study at one's own pace, with one-touch links to a glossary and other parts of a module and a trainer's guide. It can also be used to support basic training of health-care providers.

Other languages

French: Modules de formation pour la prise en charge syndromique des infections sexuellement transmissibles

Spanish: Módulos de capacitación para el manejo sindrómico de las infecciones de transmisión sexual