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Sexually transmitted infections: Vaccine development for global health

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Recent global efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health and reduce vaccine-preventable diseases provide a unique opportunity to build on these successes and work toward new STI vaccines, to complement important existing STI prevention efforts such as sexual health education and condom promotion.

Gonococcal Antimicrobial Resistance

Sexually Transmitted Infections, December 2013, Volume 89, Suppl 4

The control of gonococcal infections relies on the availability of accessible, effective antimicrobial agents. What will be the public health impact of growing antimicrobial resistance worldwide and what strategies can be employed to control untreatable gonorrhoea?

WHO studies on syphilis in pregnancy

Syphilis still affects large numbers of pregnant women worldwide, causing serious health problems and even death to their babies, yet this infection could be prevented by early testing and treatment, according to a study by international researchers published in PLOS Medicine (26 February 2013).