Sexual and reproductive health

Introducing and pilot-testing the national guidelines on integrating the management of. STIs/RTIs into reproductive health settings in Kenya

Division of Reproductive Health, Ministry of Health, Kenya - National AIDS and STD Control Programme (NASCOP), Kenya - The Population Council,

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Number of pages: 30
Publication date: 2010
Languages: English


Sexually transmitted and other reproductive tract infections (STIs/RTIs) present a major burden of disease in Kenya and are responsible for high levels of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

To address the high prevalence of STIs/RTIs globally by increasing access to detection and management services, WHO and its partners, Population Council and Family Health International, developed guidelines for integrating these services into other sexual and reproductive health services in primary health care settings; these guidelines have been published by WHO as Sexually Transmitted and Other Reproductive Tract Infections: a Guide to Essential Practice. In 2004, a process of adapting these global and generic guidelines to a national situation was started in Kenya.

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