Sexual and reproductive health

Reproductive choices and family planning for people living with HIV: counselling tool

Preparing to use the tool

Image of an inside page
  • For each topic in this tool, there is a page for the client and a page for the provider. The two pages are similar, but the provider's side contains more information, suggested questions to ask the client, and a box on how to use the page.
  • Studying this tool will help you become familiar with how it works and with the information in it. Using the flip-chart will become easier with practice.
  • This guide covers only the main points. When you talk with clients, you can add information and discuss matters further, responding to the client’s needs and concerns.

Printing instructions


This document is a FLIPCHART with two sides to each page. To make your own tool correctly, you must use a printer that is set for 2-sided printing AND select SHORT-EDGE binding. Then bind the flipchart across the top of the pages.