Health system responsiveness


1999 - 2004

  • To develop reliable, valid questions and a survey module for measuring health system responsiveness from the user's perspective. This phase of the work focussed on the development and analysis of 2 questionnaires: 1 for the Multi-Country Survey Study; 1 for the World Health Survey reliable and valid questionnaires for ascertaining how responsive health systems are to people using them
  • To produce country-level survey reports for the Responsiveness Module of the Multi-Country Survey Study.


  • To develop country-level survey reports for the World Health Survey
  • To develop a cross-country summary implementation report.
  • To publish analytical guidelines for analysing user-based questionnaires on responsiveness (starting with a focus on the MCSS responsiveness module).
  • To test the reliability and validity of the items in the WHS responsiveness module and recommend a short-list of items to measure responsiveness.


  • To review and recommend appropriate methods of analysis to adjust for differing scales of evaluation of the responsiveness domains among users.
  • To develop regional technical capacities for supporting governments to develop questionnaires and analyse the results of surveys on health system responsiveness.
  • To develop and support processes for sharing information on health system responsiveness between countries and across regions.
  • To build technical leadership in WHO for advising countries on the implications of health policies and programmes on the responsiveness of health systems to users.

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