Health system responsiveness

The Health Systems Responsiveness Analytical Guidelines for Surveys in the MCSS

The Health Systems Responsiveness Guidelines is an easy-to-use, hands-on user’s manual to analyse the data on responsiveness from the 2000 - 2001 WHO Multi-country Survey Study on Health and Health System's Responsiveness (MCSS).

MCSS Analytical Guidelines

Coding the MCSS Responsiveness module involved transferring the information given in the questionnaires into variables. Provided Code Book supply you with detailed coding that guide you through every given question offered in Data.

Preparation of country reports on responsiveness required cleaning and analysis of MCSS data, and illustration of results. WHO offers you cleaned data for your country, statistical codes for analysis (in Stata), and country reports and tables. Please follow the chapters and appendices in the upcoming MCSS Guidelines to obtain your own responsiveness results. Only authorized country personnel will have access to their country's data and report. The password can be obtained by sending a request to including your details - your name, telephone/fax number, and name and address of the organization you work for.

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