Health system responsiveness

World Health Survey

The World Health Survey (WHS), a general population survey, was developed by WHO to address the need for reliable information and to cater to the increased attention to the role of health in economic and human development that has led to greater resources being committed to improving health in all settings (World Health Survey)

Health systems responsiveness, which is the focus of this analysis, is one of the five modules of the WHS. The other four modules are: health states of population, risk factors, coverage and access, and health care expenditures.

The responsiveness module contains 143 questions (or items) in the long form of the survey, and 78 questions in the short survey. The main reduction in the short questionnaire was attributed to using half the number of questions to evaluate the eight core domains of quality of care. There are six sub-sections for responsiveness in the long survey. They include:

(1) Needing health care and general evaluation of health systems (Q7000 - Q7031)
(2) Importance (Q7100 - Q7107)
(3) Seeing health care providers (Q7200 - Q7207)
(4) Outpatient and care at home (Q7300 - Q7334)
(5) Inpatient hospital (Q7400 - Q7439)
(6) Vignettes for health system responsiveness

Seventy one countries implemented various forms of the WHS - household face-to-face surveys, computer assisted telephone interview, or computer assisted personal interview - in 2002. Sample sizes varied from 1,000 to 10,000. The survey included only randomly selected adults (i.e. older than 18 years of age).

By April 2006, WHO will provide you cleaned data for your country, statistical codes for analysing responsiveness data (in Stata), and country tables and reports.

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