The list of reproductive health essential medicines is incorporated into the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines

Did you know?

In 2005 an Interagency Working Group harmonized the multiple existing lists of reproductive health essential medicines, and created a new list: the Interagency List of Essential Medicines for Reproductive Health.This new list appeared in 2006, and covered nearly 140 medicines drawn from the 14th WHO Model List (2005) that are important to maternal and child health, family planning, treatment of reproductive tract or sexually transmitted infections, and treatment of HIV infection and HIV-related condition. Since then the WHO Model List has added a number of RH medicines. These are now included de facto in the interagency list.

The Interagency List is an advocacy tool with two purposes:

  • To help countries decide what reproductive health medicines and devices to add to their own essential medicines list
  • To guide international bulk procurements, including decisions about what medicines, contraceptives and commodities to include in the WHO/UNFPA prequalification scheme for bulk procurement.