Male latex condom: specification, prequalification and guidelines for procurement, 2010

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Chapter 7: Guidelines for procurement

In this chapter

1 Introduction
1.1 Comprehensive Condom Programming
1.2 Procurement

Ten steps in the procurement process

Phase 1: Programme planning

Step 1: Define supply requirements
1.1 Define programme context
1.2 Forecast programme requirements

Step 2: Customize the specification
2.1 Review the WHO/UNFPA Specification
2.2 General Requirements
2.3 Performance Requirements
2.4 Design Requirements
2.5 Packaging Requirements
2.6 Consumer packs or additional requirements

Step 3: Assessment of procurement options
3.1 Select a procurement method
3.1.1 Procure directly from a manufacturer through a competitive bidding process
3.1.2 Source from a procurement agency
3.1.3 Source from an international procurement agency/organization
3.1.4 Buy from a social marketing organization

Step 4: Budget, funding and procurement requisition
4.1 Estimating procurement costs to determine a budget
4.2 Funding

Phase 2: Procurement process

Step 5: Procurement planning
5.1 Country requirements
5.2 National Regulatory Authority

Step 6: Developing Bidding Documents and inviting offers
6.1 Identify information required for the Bidding Documents
6.2 Decide on the prequalification procedures
6.3 Verify suppliers’ manufacturing capacity
6.4 Seek information about potential suppliers
6.5 Select an independent testing laboratory and choose a sampling agent
6.6 Prepare the Bidding Document package
6.7 Invite bids
6.8 Receive and manage bids

Step 7: Selecting suppliers

Step 8: Contract negotiation/award

Phase 3: Performance

Step 9: Contract performance and monitoring
9.1 Pre-shipment compliance testing

Step 10: Delivery of goods
10.1 Customs clearance
10.2 Confirmatory testing

Figure 1. Elements of condom programming
Table 9. Three phases and 10 steps of procurement
Table 10. Comparison of four procurement methods
Table 11. Summary of LOT-by-LOT Pre-shipment compliance testing and requirements