Terms of reference for National Focal Points for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

Governments are encouraged to nominate national focal points for the Decade to facilitate coordination, information sharing and joint planning at national level. In most cases this person is from a government ministry of transport, health or other. In some cases, there may be two national focal points. In this capacity, a national focal point, either himself or herself or with the support of staff:

  • Serves as liaison between the Decade secretariat and national road safety bodies, as appropriate
  • Shares information on Decade programmes, activities and events with Decade secretariat
  • Ensures that the country has a national plan for the Decade in line with the Global Plan, and that the plan is shared with the Decade secretariat
  • Reaches out to potential road safety partners to encourage contributions to the country's national plan for the Decade
  • Ensures that the country contributes to the main Decade monitoring tool, the Global status report on road safety
  • Plans participation of the country in milestone global events across the Decade, such as global road safety weeks
  • Supports preparations for annual national road safety days or weeks, including World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (third Sunday in November)
  • Ensures and facilitates use of the Decade symbol by government and civil society organizations for Decade-related activities and events
  • Contributes to Decade communications on Facebook and Twitter
  • Communicates regularly with constituents and the public generally about the Decade and related events and activities

If your country has not yet nominated a national focal point, please encourage your government to do so. WHO will list national focal points as they are made known to WHO, based on a formal communication from a government ministry. Please send nominations to WHO by emailing traffic@who.int.