Etats-généraux de la sécurité routière - Staten-generaal van de Verkeersveiligheid (General Assembly on Road Safety)
11 May 2011, Belgian Road Safety Institute (BIVV-IBSR)

The General Assembly on Road Safety gathers all actors in the field of road safety both at national and regional levels. Its aim is to set a new road safety target for 2020 and propose a list of priority interventions in order to achieve this target. These proposals will form the framework for the government's road safety strategy until 2020.

Contact: Martin Van Houtte
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Road Safety States General
11 May 2011, Federal Public Services Transport and Mobility - BELGIUM

On the 11th of May, the Belgian authorities will take the opportunity of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, to organize their third edition of the "Road Safety States General", in Brussels. The aim of this event is to take a determined commitment in order to target a new 50% reduction of the road fatalities by 2020 in Belgium. A wide set of concrete measures, from education to enforcement, will therefore be proposed and submitted to the authorities and stakeholders in charge of road safety issues.

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