Launching of UN Decade of Actions for Road Safety by the Minister of Communications, Signing of MOU between RHD and iRAP and Workshop for developing National Road Safety Action Plan for the Decade
11-12 May 2011, Roads and Highways Department

High profile 'Launching of the "UN Decade of Action" for Road Safety with the Minister of Communications, Bangladesh Government as Chief Guest and special guests from UNESCAP and iRAP Asia Pacific. Chiief Engineer Roads and Highways Department will Chair the event. Key officials from the different Government Ministries, departments, representatives from privte sector, accademics, NGOs and development partners including print and electronic media will attend. The launching event will include signing of MOU between Chief Engineer Roads and Highways Department and Regional Director, iRAP Asia Pacific for implementing iRAP on major highways in Bangladesh. Besides a two days workshop will be held with support of UNESCAP to develop national road safety Goals, Targets and Indicators inline with the Decade of Actions for road safety 2011-2020.

Contact: Md. Mahboo ul Alam
Tel: +0088 02 9562032

11 May 2011, Safety Assistance for Emergencies (SAFE)

Safewalk is a pedestrian campaign that strives to create safe, accessible and user-friendly roads, where people can benefits from walking. Safewalk encourages more people to safely walk to school, work and home. In the process, Safewalk programs are working to reduce traffic congestion and improve health and the environment, making communities more livable for everyone. Safewalk is coordinated by

Contact: Moshiur Khandaker
Tel: +88029342718

Official Launching of the Decade of Action for Road Safety
11 May 2011, Directorate General of Health Services, Bangladesh

A prelaunch press briefing will be held at the national press club, Dhaka, Bangladesh with electronic and print media on 10 May ,2011. There will be representations from all the relevant ministries in the press briefing. Here the relevant persons from electronic and press media will be appraised on the importance of the decade earmarked for road safety. Along with all the other countries of the world, Bangladesh will also take part in the official launching of the decade on 11 May ,2011. This would be a high level activity which would involve a high-profile national launch event. electronic and print media would cover related launch events and activities. the road safety tag will be projected with banners and festoons at important junctures of the country where the potential to save millions of lives will be flagged. The Dhaka Metropolitan police force will be given the tags to wear and also the posters will be distributed in schools. The day would be marked with high level government officials ( Minister of Health) presenting the plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 to the public.

Contact: Dr A K M jafar Ullah, Deputy Programme Manager ( Arsenic & NCD)
Tel: +88-01712183475

Campaign through reflective sticker, news paper call, website and fliers
11 May-30 June, 2011 BRAC

Call for united efforts to save million of lives through major English and Bengali daily newspapers quoting national statistics of road accident deaths and injuries. Launching of campaign for enhancing night visibility by pasting reflective stickers on non motorised vehicles. Hosting road safety messages on website ( linking to road safety animation videos, posters, articles and flip charts. Road accident fatality and injury statistics and call for united action for road safety will be conveyed through hanging and stand-banners on high rise BRAC Head Office and BRAC University buildings. (Events are organised by BRAC and sponsored by Grameen Phone).

Contact: A. Najmul Hussain
Tel: +8802 9881265