Decade launch Day for Road safety Decade of Action 2011
6-16 May 2011, Department of Public Health

In order to observe the day and mark the decade of action for road safety , consultative meetings among stakeholders are being carried out and a working committee has been formed for development of strategy document on road safety (Decade of action 2011-2020)is being developed. In addition a series of activities across the four region on the Sudden inspection of commercial vehicles (Over loading , excess passenger, and fitness will be carried out through Road safety and Transport Authority,MoIC.The traffic police will conduct sudden checks to the vehicles plying along the high way for use of seat belts, helmet use, over speeding and drink driving in different region and conduct random Alcohol breath (analyzer) testing to the drivers of vehicles on the above mentioned days. The reports of these events will be decleared on the launch decade day The panel discussion will be coordinated by the Department of Public Health with the BBS for live discussion on road safety & injury prevention. The panelist (RSTA, DoR, Traffic , City corporation, MoH) will be at the BBS station for the live discussion. The Department of youth & sports MoE will carry out a youth forum on Road Safety with media coverage. Finally for the Launch deacade day 11 may the event will be observed at the Royal Instute of Health Sciences with media coverage, guest invitees from all other UN agencies, Govt officials and the Chief guest and WHO WR will launch the Strategy document for Road Safety (Decade of action 2011-2020).

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