Launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety
National Center for Chronic and Non-communicable Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC

Ministry of Health will host a launch event of the Decade of Action of China with the possible host organization, such as Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transportation and Traffic, Ministry of Science and Technology, State Bureau of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection, China National Women Federations, China National Youth Federations, State Working Committee for Women and Children, World Health Organization and World Bank. Michelle Yeoh, the ambassador of Road Safety of UN, will take part in the event. The event will have tow sections and focus on promoting municipal City's government to take positive actions to improve road safety based on the National Health City Campaign and promoting schools to take positive actions addressing road safety combined with the China National Child Development Strategy Plan 2011-2020. The launching of Chinese and Global symbol of Road Safety Decade and initiating all the society to concern about the Road Safety will in the first section. A forum will be hold in the second section for creating a platform to promote multi-sectors and disciplines to exchange their experiences.

Contact: Jiang Wei
Tel: +86 01083133680

Slow Down for Kids--Support the Decade of Action for Road Safety
10 May 2011, Safe Kids Worldwide-China

Yongbo Li, the China Walk This Way Amabassdor and also the General Coach of the Chinese National Badminton Team will attend the event, together with Safe Kids China & FedEx volunteers doing interactive games & advocacy walks to call for the public on Slow Down for Kids to support the Decade of Actions for Road Safety.

Contact: Monica Cui
Tel: +86 21 6486 7160

Global Launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety
11 May 2011, Community for Road Safety

The Community for Road Safety (CRS), an independent group advocating ethics and good practices in road safety, is going to host the global launch event with the support of organisations spanning transports and logistics, highway engineering, advanced driving, safe community promotion and traumatic stress studies. The event will be held at the Central Piers in the city centre. The media will be invited and the public is welcome to attend. The one-hour event will begin with an overview of the global burden of traffic injuries, the Decade of Action and CRS's plan. The main focus will be a presentation on "Moderation of Traffic Speeds" and the associated press release article. CRS will highlight the pedestrian casualty problems in Hong Kong and call for new initiatives including 30km/h zones, speed moderation along busy main streets as well as sympathetic attitude among drivers and the society. A minute of silence will be observed for traffic victims.

Contact: Julian Kwong
Tel: +852 25377998

Decade of Death
11 May 2011, Protect HongKong

In the ten years leading up to the start of the Decade of Road Safety some one thousand and five hundred Hong Kong citizens of all ages lost their lives in road crashes. Protect Hong Kong will mark the start of the Decade of Road Safety by gathering together one thousand five hundred people of all ages at an open-air venue. Each participant, representing one fatality, will beat a traditional drum building to a crescendo - a cry to the community and Government to turn rhetoric into action.

Contact: David Lorimer
Tel: +852 93656113