Costa Rica

Lanzamiento de la la Década de Acción para la Seguridad Vial
25 April- 15 May 2011, ACONVIVIR

First we are going to do a workshop/Seminar for the Media in order to present a Deontological Code for the treatment of the Road Violence News on 25/04/2011. Second a Conference Press the other actors (gubenamental, Cicvil Society, OPS, etc)to launch the Decade and on Saturday May 15th we are going to do some Road Actvities in order to general population aware about the Road Violence Pandemia.

Contact: Ramon Pendones
Tel: +506 2253 4624

11-18 May, 2011 Fundacion S.O.S. Paz en las Carreteras

We will be distributing literature and road safety rules on national roads to create awareness of the importance of having a good road safety education in order to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads and highways and to make the streets safer for bothe, drivers and pedestrians.

Contact: Roxana M. Estrada
Tel: +506 2225-3855

Awareness Campaign
11 May-11 June 2011, Fundacion Prevencion Costa Rica

Fundacion Prevencion Costa Rica (Prevention Foundation of Costa Rica) was founded to coincide with the Decade of Action launch. There will be a media campaign in May 2011 to publicize and gather support for the Decade of Action. Meetings are organized throughout the month with business, government and civil participants. Andrew Pierce, the CEO of the Global Road Safety Partnership in Geneva, will assist us in creating a partnership to support the creation of a national database for traffic injuries. There will also be a running race in the capital to raise awareness for the Decade of Action.

Contact: Beth Berkowitz, MD
Tel: +506-8345-3866