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Decade of Action for Road Safety- The Road from Athens to Patras
11 May 2011, Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas"

The Road safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” will celebrate the launch of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 with a full day of events in the city of Patras. The reason we have chosen Patra to host our events is because this city is located in the centre of the region ranking highest in fatalities and injuries among European regions most at risk (Eurostat 14/2007). We are planning to implement our educational program “In Traffic with Safety” to children of primary school in the city’s Road Safety Park. Moreover we will hold an event for parents and citizens to present the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety and we will award Scouts from Patras for winning a national-wide competition for creating a spot for Road Safety. Our aim is to engage and sensitize the community for contributing in the UNs and our Institute goal’s achievement; the prevention and reduction of traffic accidents.

Contact: Vasiliki Danelli Mylona
Tel: + 30 210 8620150
Email: info@ioas.gr

Global Launch Day of the Decade of Action for Road Safety in Rhodes, Greece
6-11 May 2011, EFTHITA - Rhodes, Greece

EFTHITA participates in the Global launch day of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 by organizing several activities. The program of activities for the whole week consists of:

  • a photo exhibition about road accidents
  • an exhibition of antique cars
  • a bike ride
  • a student art contest

On the 11th of May we will meet with the Mayor of Rhodes, the Municipal Consultation Committee and the Traffic police of Rhodes in order to discuss and plan the main actions for the decade 2011-2020 and try to focus on what is important to accomplish. At the same time, we have planned several events with schools, volunteers and the local authorities at the central square of the city of Rhodes. The citizens will have the opportunity to drive pedal cars while wearing special impaired vision BAC goggles and they will be given single-use alcohol tests and leaflets about road safety.

Contact: Eleni Karidi
Tel: +30 2241 092409
Email: efthita_rh@yahoo.gr